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The Unknown Soul Organization 

There are two areas that this foundation will reach out to as specified to me by the Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

"House of Compassion"

Please help us help those individuals most in need and dangerously vulnerable. 
Homelessness is not something anyone should have to endure. 

     We are so blessed to live in such wonderful country having all necessary,  God given gifts and talent's that coming  together we can make a great difference for so many.   Please consider a generous donation today as we begin the process of reconstructing lives the way help, hope and love were meant to be shared. 

     Step out in  the walk of faith and be the hands and feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. For as you do unto the least of these, My little children,  you have done unto Me.

I humbly thank you for your support.  May the Lord bless you .

AnnMarie Sargent , 

Author, Writer, Blogger, Inspirational Speaker, 

Founder of,
The Unknown Soul Organization 

"The In-Gathering"
will provide material and prayer support to organizations and individuals that are moving with the Holy Spirit to "gather the children of Israel", and assist them in their return to the holy land . 
This prophecy is being fulfilled presently and is of great importance to the Lord.  All nations and peoples shall be blessed that bless Israel. This is paramount to our own blessings and not to be misunderstood.  Gods will is being accomplished and we will stand on the Word of God and come to the aide of our brothers and sisters around the globe in support of this prophecy on behalf of the Lord of Hosts

With two ways to give, it's easy to be a part of this extraordinary journey !  
Purchase this inspiring story of faith and pass it along to anyone in need of hope and encouragement in today's ever challenging landscape of life !  
       Be blessed and become a blessing for the unknown souls everywhere.

     A portion of each book purchase goes to The Unknown Soul  Organization. All contributions will be divided in equal parts to the In-Gathering and the House of Compassion. 
Thank you for your purchase/contribution. 


     Or simply donate any amount to help our cause.  Just click the Donate button to pledge any amount the Lord moves you to give. It's easy to be the Hands and feet of our Lord Jesus . 
      May you be blessed in all your ways as you consider the needs of all of God's children.  Thank you for your generous support !

 Thank you for your purchase/contribution.

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