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     Peter came to Him, ( Jesus ), and said, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me , and I forgive him ?  Up to seven times ?"
     Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven."
Matthew 18; 21-22

     Sounds implausibly right ?  Actually, its been done on our own behalf many, many times over...  and even before we ever had a repentant thought... 
      That's what Jesus did for us on the cross, long before we even thought about the consequences of our own actions.  Before we knew we had caused another harm, help was already available to us... That's love. 
      Just waiting for us to come to the knowledge of our own sin.  Was He just sitting there with a gavel in His hand waiting to judge us ... waiting to condemn us ? 
     Absolutely not ! He settled yours and my accounts 2000 years ago on the cross.  He waits today only for us to accept and receive  this most gracious gift ... the sacrifice of His own blood.  

     Your sins, my sins, were paid for, a full pardon just waiting for us ...  No matter the size, scope or frequency of the sin...  A repentant heart will never be denied the redemption of the blood of the Christ. 

     Now, my question to you is this ...

     If God came into the world as Jesus Christ, for the purpose of sacrificing Himself for our sins, having full knowledge of the awful things we could and at times would do... 
Just to set us free...  to be with Him...  for all eternity ...

In the greatest display of unconditional love , 
for of all time ...    

     For which of His precious children would you deny this priceless gift of forgiveness ?  

     Okay, lets say for argument's sake ,you 
say the murderer ... You cannot conceive of forgiving that level of sin.  Well lets look at that for a moment.  
     And if I can convey some reason upon this most difficult topic, we will forgo all lesser sins ...  (By no means do I intend to belittle the very real and at times grievous pain we all suffer when hurt by others, nor the exemption of justice... But rather, for a remembrance of the value and frailty of the human heart and soul, in our daily walk of life. )
     For the higher purpose and perspective in regards to judging others, where forgiveness can produce a much greater fruit ...  
     We will refer to the more common sins committed, such as ...  by a friend who talked about you behind your back...  Or the spouse who broke your heart and left you and the kids ... The business deal that cheated you out of your rightful dues... Or anything else okay...

     I am certainly not condoning the evil that results from sin.  There are awful, horrendously evil things happening in our world as we speak... No doubt this is very difficult in a myriad of ways.  But this is a topic for another day.  

     The point that I would like to address is this...   God is the one and only judge... Period.  

     Judge not, lest you be judged ... 

     If we were allowed to pass judgments on each other according to our sins, and our limited knowledge, none would enter the kingdom of heaven.  

     No man knows the state of another mans heart but God.  He sees the child who was beat day in and day out for years by the same hand that was feeding him. He knows what that child will be capable of ... the belief system that would develop over the years of abuse and neglect...  In turn this would create a cycle of never ending sorrows that he will suffer in silence...
      except to the ever present, all knowing, tender loving, ear of God ...

 He also looks deep into that very same heart, nurtures it, loves him like he were the only one on earth... and when the time comes, 
 ( Gods timing ) and those knees hit the dirt in recognition of a Savior, who loved HIM ... who died for him, to cleanse him from all that he may have committed throughout his lifetime...  

    His arms are wide open to His precious child ... And this Jesus, He may have waited a very long time for this most wonderful child to come home to His loving embrace ...
      He has watched him suffer ... cried over him ...  with him ...

     That same little child that almost died as a youngster through no fault of his own ... The same one who grew up to become the monster in the mirror that he most hated ... 

     Until the day mercy broke in ...  to a heart so hardened by pain , that only Gods perfect love ,  in His perfect timing,  could burst through...  And the chains are broken... and the broken are set free .  

He whom the Lord sets free, is free indeed ...

     Now, who among us has a better view of the internal workings of our neighbors heart and soul,  than the Alpha and Omega, the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth, the very author of life and love and mercy ... 

      The only One who loved us unto death...
Every single one of us , whom He alone created...  

Forgive and it shall be forgiven you ...

     This forgiving others, not judging them, but instead, opening our hearts to Gods grace and mercy, the same mercy that set our own souls free ... 
     This is the KEY that will heal our own hearts and set us firmly on our path of destiny which God intended for each one of us...

God bless you, 

For more help please refer to previous posts on forgiveness.


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