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Unknown Soul Blog


Keys of wisdom ,
to transform your life...
To unlock the awesome destiny 
God intended you to have...


We lift Your holy name in praise and glory oh Lord our God !

Our voices we lift in song,
and in the utterances of our souls,
 we offer our prayers...
Our bodies we lend, in deeds 
and actions to reflect 
Your Divine will 
upon the earth...
Our hearts we open fully that
 our lives would be dedicated to 
serving the Lord our God ...

In Keys parts 1, we learned to enter 
all things through love...
In Keys part 2, we learned to forgive 
all offenses for the greater good...
In Keys part 3, we learned to be grateful in every 
circumstance, that Gods 
light would shine brightly 
through our humility...

Now is the time to give ourselves 
over  to worship.

You shall love the Lord thy God ,
with all your heart, all your mind, 
and with all your strength...

This is my most favorite time...
For me, it is a time for my Beloved Jesus and me alone,  a time of 
at-one-ment if you will, regardless
 of where I am, or who may be 
present... when I let Him know 
that He is the most important
 love in all of my life... 

Let nothing come before You my Beloved ...

I play my music loud;
I allow my heart to open wide 
and my soul to come fully 
  into His presence... and give my imagination free reign...

I let the music fill me like
 liquid love...
 gracefully it flows through me...
 as I begin to dance with,
 and before my Beloved...

and in this moment I am free...
Held, by the very arms
 of grace...

... and as I worship my King, 
I myself am entirely caught up in His love for me..
cherished and adored...

I am the Bride... 
in the arms of her Beloved... 
her Husband...

Yes, He comes that close. It's 
personal !  He loves you enough to dance with you, and so much more !  
That's Jesus delighting 
Himself in you.
And He whispers,
 oh the sweetest most beautiful wonders when you lean in close...

Nothing will bring you closer 
to your Lord than
 delighting yourself in Him, 
in His love for you...

This is true worship...
true love in motion... 
This is believing ... 
that He loves you .  
That is faith... 
 Allow yourself a new level 
of freedom... 
 to love with abandon...
 with passion... this is a 
delight to the One who 
made you, 
the One who loves you ,
 even unto death.

Let your heart open
 like never before
let your walls come down 
and dare to love more fully. 

 With passion...

When we let go of 
preconceived notions of 
what love ought 
to look like...
 we can discover 
what true divine 
love really is...

Even in my deepest sorrows,
when I give myself to worship;
I am lifted up...
into His arms...
high above the troubles of 
the earth...
and in the arms of Love itself ,
my soul soars.

I may be in my pajamas ,
in the wee hours of the morning,
 after a night of travail... 
tears still spilling;
and my heartsong rises 
from the depths of my despair...

Suddenly, there He is.
and I am transformed;
a bride in a beautifully flowing 
garment , ( the garment of praise ),
on her wedding day, 
looking into the tenderest 
eyes of grace...
embraced by true love...
and He lifts me into His arms, 
holds me close to Him 
and gently calls me 
His Beloved...

Even in times of sorrow;
 within the sounds of worship; 
there is beauty, there is peace... 

You see, when you bring yourself
 to worship in the midst of turmoil, especially then; 
an elegant grace is released from 
The Beloved...
 and we are swept away by love that heals in ways we never knew...

This is truth.  Love trumps all.  

Exalt His name.  

Delight yourself in Him,

 and He will delight 

Himself in you...

and you will be transformed...

Dare to open your heart 
to a new level of worship... 
 Allow Him to lead you 
to a place within your heart, 
you never knew existed...

and you will unlock your 
awesome destiny that 
God intended for you!

The Lord will go before you,
and with you.  Take His hand and
let your heart sing a new song...
a song of praise...
a song of love ...

Watch for the final chapter,  
 Keys Part V

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