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Unknown Soul Blog

Stepping Out

Okay, so today we are stepping out in faith, into the unknown, over new waters...

In Faith...  this is how we move mountains...

Whatever it is that's been holding us back, tripping us up, keeping that blessing from materializing...

That's where we are going today.

Its time...

We are going to gently open this door,
the one that we have been fearing for far too long...
Firmly place our hand in the only one that can walk us through it, the holy hands of grace itself...

Enter the tents of our Beloved... and allow Him to breathe life into and through this barrier to the chamber of our soul, defying all logic... to the place where miracles happen...

Open our hearts wide and expose the wound, to the healer of hearts, the great physician Himself...

Trust ... in the author of love... maker of our tender hearts... the only one skilled and equipped to go where no one else can... not even ourselves...

We are giving Him permission to enter into our souls deeper than we ever dared ... to fill up that dark corner of the heart so desperately in need of His love... His healing ... His grace... 
the place we have been running from, hiding from, too scared to go there even for healing, place...

Because, the Lord has gone before us here, He has prepared us, made us ready to receive... and now it is time to do just that...

So we breathe deeply, relying upon His strength, not our own... praying a prayer of thanksgiving for the grace to go where we could not go alone. 

Steady our hearts Oh Lord Jesus,
and do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.  Come in and take this pain, fear, anxiety, sorrow, grief, guilt, shame... whatever is holding us back,  and deliver us from evil...  

That thing standing between you and Gods grace to receive His blessings, is evil, period.  It needs to be exorcised, cut out, removed... and replaced by love, grace, forgiveness, beauty, light...

So we are going to let Him take it from us... Yes I said it simply because it is very simple...

If you have tried again and again to do something and you feel as though you've been banging your head against a wall; you are at the place of surrender.
Not because you have , but because you need to... 

Sometimes, we need to step out in faith, out of the way, and let the Master do what He does best...

 you might want to hold onto your hat here...

There are times in life when all your efforts will fail, no matter what you do.  

You are not going to move that mountain, not one inch... although there is a way to soar over it...

with Jesus ... and He can and will move that mountain while yet you soar on the wings of angels... let me explain...

There comes a time when the pain goes so deep that we are not even aware of the amount of damage done to our souls.  This place is a point of contention throughout our lives, manifesting difficulties in areas we don't even realize.  This is something we must hand over to Jesus and ask that He come in and remove it on our behalf.  To fight our battle for us...  to give us the victory we need but cannot achieve on our own.  It's what He does.  He is faithful to go where we get lost and bring us home again...

It's called  MERCY

 and it's free for the asking...

This enables us to reach new levels of 
accomplishment and peace within ourselves.  It is simple and yet so very difficult.  But, if we can lay down those walls to the inner chambers of our hearts, He will enter in and heal that wound and deliver us from death to life...  
There is nothing our merciful Savior will not do, no place is too dark, too awful,too scary, too painful, for Him to tread... 

What area of your life is He beckoning you to allow Him entry today ? 

 Is fear rearing it's ugliness before you ...push back.. now... push hard !  that monster must go !  it will keep you from receiving the blessings of the Most High !

       Fear is not from God !

God longs to heal you, to set you free, to bless you in ways you have never experienced. He is tender and gracious, never forcing , but fiercely protective, never harsh, but amazingly gentle...

The pain/fear you have been harboring, thats what He wants to free you from...

Fear not, for your God is with you and He will never abandon you.  Let yourself be wrapped in mercy today... 

Lord, we pray first for the gift of faith, to believe that You love us enough to just come in and remove from us what we have tried and failed to do.  For Your light to completely fill this place in us, heal our hearts, our lives our very souls.
We give to You oh Lord permission to open the wound, to expose the culprit to us, that the healing may take place.
We want to be blessed Lord, to walk in Your path for us, in the beautiful life You died to give us. Help us to surrender to You, all that is not for us. And do for us what we cannot do for ourselves.
 Thank You Jesus for tenderly lifting this burden from us and replacing it with Your light of love and Your perfect peace.

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