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Unknown Soul Blog

Point of Love

When you are in the midst of something too heavy for you... 

heart and faith alike can tremble under the weight...

Find your "point of love",
something you love no matter whats 
going down in your life... 
no matter the size of the storm...
the depth of the pain...
there is always something to hold on to that will help you to come back to love and faith...

The Lord will bring you things
 to help you come back to peace, to joy, to love,
 to Himself...

It may be your spouse, a timely call from a friend, a song on the radio, 
a stranger with
 a kind word,
 a pet you adore,
 ( they are so good at filling us up with unconditional love ) ...

For me,  as I have terrible physical pain... on a particularly bad day, it just floors me... 

and  there are moments when I grapple to find my faith and value in my life ...  this path, my path that just happens to include horrible pain in my body...

 yup, when it gets a good hold of me, I feel strangled by it and at times,  I shamefully cave... my heart melts under the pressure... my faith wavers, until I'm screaming mad at God for not healing me... Physical pain has a way of choking the faith and anything good right out of you... temporarily ... 
good thing we have an extremely merciful Savior... I lean heavily upon my Beloved for mercy and strength through these days...

 ...In all His merciful ways , God has uniquely equipped me with the ability to bounce back after extreme trials... I have experienced His grace where, in an instant all my pain was completely gone...  and at others , well thats when the screaming "me-me" monster comes out. That would be the it's all about me monster that momentarily cannot see past her nose...

over time the Lord has helped me through many trials of great physical pain ... tho I grow weary at times like this, I have come to know that He is with me in each moment, never leaving my side and I know that with His strength and His grace I will be able to endure. I may not want to... but I will be able to... 

So then this kid, he comes into my bedroom, where I am stuck, flat out, can't move for the agony of pain in my spinal column, 
this beautiful blue eyed godly man in the making; he covers his momma ( who happens to be grandma too ) ,
with a blanket, brings me a sip of cool water... 

as my spine feels like a bear trap I can't get loosed from, my nerves are all tangled up affecting my everything...  and my gallbladder is ready to explode, tightening it's grip around the breathe I can't catch...
God, I survived cancer just to go through this ... seriously ? Father help me ! I hurt all over... 

 ...and that water;  it's like Jesus is handing me a silver chalice filled with His Living Water, and as I drink it my little man, he kisses my cheek tells me he loves me, puts on my worship music, and then lays a scripture on me... and speaks words of wisdom far beyond his age... 
(He heard that scripture we read last week...) applied it like a bandage on a wound ...  
just when I was thinking; I couldn't make a difference in the world from my bed of nails...

and I just have to raise my hands in praise, right where I lay...

and I can again see amazing grace that my pain had blinded me from...

And as the eyes of my heart re-open, my pain is lessened and my hope for healing is renewed ... For I know that You desire to heal me Lord, in Your time, according to Your will.

Sometimes the answer to our prayers is , not yet ...BUT... here drink and be filled with what you need most... and find the refreshment you truly need... soul healing...

and I'm home again; back in the arms of my Beloved... His peace returns to me and my soul is quieted by His tenderness... and I breathe in this grace, and allow Him to soothe my heart... then even the pain in my body begins to succumb...

My God You are amazing ! 

Oftentimes you just have to let God heal you from the inside out; 
heart first... mind first...soul first... body last...

He never , ever leaves  us without help. Look around you, find your point of love; the thing that you love the most on this earth, the thing you can love even in the middle of your storm, then let yourself feel that love  really feel it ... and you will begin to free up the energy
 in your heart, for more... more peace... more joy... more beauty... more love... and more healing wherever it is you need it... 

and the storm becomes quiet... 
by the grace of love...

Oh Jesus help me to run this race,
 in faith in honor in humility, for your glory.

What is your point of love ?

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