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Receive eternal blessings 
from the wisdom of the brotherhood of saints...

Those who have gone before you, held fast to the faith, endured many trials, and finished their race in uprightness;
salute you in your obedience to the commandments given to Moses, in accordance with the will of our Almighty Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

In peace we come, in gentleness, meekness, in love... 
also in strength and wisdom bearing with us a reprimand for this generation for the omission of the great commandment to love thy neighbor as thy self... 

"... for in as much as you have done unto these little ones, you have done unto Me..."

for within these few words lay the key that will lead you to the great Truth which, by ignorance or by compulsion, you have missed...

 Though simplicity is the key to understanding it's truth. 

Though you may be different from your neighbors, they are from the same God...
Though you have different callings, you are are called to the same truth...
Though you be from different lands, traditions, tribes and tounges... you are all children of the One True Creator of the universe.

One thing I ask of you today;
that you act accordingly... in all things... at all times...

You are one body, one family, one tribe, one nation under God... 

If the church were to love each other as I have loved them, peace would reign on the earth as in heaven above...

It begins in the nucleus of the primary family. Going outward to a neighborhood, city, land and nation...

When we love, God is visible in us, through our words, actions and conduct.
A reflection of His image in part, depending upon our level of grace...

One commandment... that could change the world...

He sent us a divine gift, His most precious Son, to deliver to us the simplest, and yet most overlooked commandment of them all... and it happens to be the most powerful...

It is not hard to love, in fact it takes much more energy to be angry and retain unforgiveness within us, and does so much harm in the process...

Jesus gave us the absolute perfect example of love, of gracious humility.  Of how to live in peace even through the storms that arise in life.  If we cannot wrap our hearts and minds around this, what hope do we have in understanding and or accomplishing anything more difficult ?  

Do you want to live in peace... no matter the season, even contentment ...

Would you like to know that you are genuinely, warmly welcomed ...
to know that whatever your need, you will be cared for with compassion and tenderness ...
that when you fall down in life, there will be forgiveness for you, even a hand up ...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to feel the warmth of love that emanated from Jesus when He walked the earth...
Is this not the great commission to all of Christendom ? To become the God within us ... walk as He walked... give as He gave... to tend to the needy and the poor... to have compassion on the broken hearted... heal the sick and the lame and restore sight to the blind... to give the Living Waters to the thirsty... to love mercy and seek justice where ever we go...

No human being can live long without love... the warmth of compassion, the physical and emotional touch of empathy; at least they cannot be expected to become a happy, healthy, productive member of society...

and no one can produce good fruit without first having been fed the same...

Jesus embodied all of this in every word He spoke, every touch of His gentle hands, every deed, in every place, no matter the condition of the people or the illness, be it physical, mental or spiritual.
There is no situation that will not benefit from a touch of love... doesn't that alone make it worthwhile...

Jesus Himself said of some of the pharisees of old, that He would not "know" them in His Father's house...

That narrow gate gets even more impassable through lack of true love,
 for no gift will ever outweigh love...

I understand that we are all at different places on this journey of life, though I do not understand the lack of love, most especially within the church of Christ itself.  Where we have been shown, have witnessed first hand in a myriad of ways His divine touch of love. His forgiveness for our own filthy sins... and yet we dare to turn and judge our neighbors ? 
Let us not forget how many years it took for some of us to come to the point of readiness to receive the grace that was offered to us...  be patient with others who may not have had the experience that you have been blessed with... yet... this is just one way we can all do this thing called love...

And when you fall short of your heavenly Father's calling, 
humbly go to that precious little one,  (step down from the illusion of loftiness you previously held yourself in ), for when we humble ourselves a certain grace emanates from within us and is noticeably palpable...  our Father in heaven is waiting for us to deal honorably with all of His priceless children.

There are all together far too many people  bravely walking through the doors...
looking, searching for the salvation that each and every one of us so desperately needs, only to be turned away, feeling rejected and unworthy due to condemnation and judgmental attitudes... by the very ones expected to receive them into the safety of the very love that was offered to need of being warmly invited into the tender embrace of the love and mercy of Jesus Christ, the very thing that won our own souls for the kingdom of heaven. 

 Each one that enters those doors must be genuinely, compassionately welcomed as the Lamb of God Himself ! 
 Love  is not an option ! It is an honor and a privilege to serve, to share the love of the King of Kings !
It is a prerequisite ! A mandate !

 As always, He waits with open arms,
 for His correction only comes due to love ... for you, for me, for all...

Every single person on this planet is in need of something, even when we don't think so... maybe especially then...

If your in a tough place and you just can't find it in your heart to be kind, move away from the situation for some perspective, always remember;

First Do No Harm...

wait until you are steady, ( spiritually and emotionally ) before entering into something , it is always better to wait and be patient with yourself and take the time to seek wisdom, rather than go forward before you are ready to handle it.

Our Church, the entire church of Jesus Christ needs to heed this lesson and refine it on an ongoing basis. 

It is only in truly loving each other that we come into the fullness of God's grace, in the laying down of ones life...

We are on the front lines of a very real and dangerous spiritual war... and the cost is way too high for any one to be "passing over" His little ones, or heaven forbid, pushing them in the wrong direction.

For the sake of our Beloved Savior,
please open those arms wide, and pour out the warmth of your hearts like never before, because you may not get a second chance with that first impression you give to a lost little lamb who happens to wander in your direction.

Be ready for the Lord to use you... at all times...

 for He counts the very hairs of each of His children and catches every tear, so great is His compassion on us... on all of His children.

Lord help us to be more like You, to exemplify Your ways, To love richer, deeper,  stretch ourselves a little farther, reach beyond the old barriers, and be the miracle makers You intended for us to be. 
May the grace , peace and the love of God be with you, and grow stronger with each passing day. His children are depending on it...and so is He

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