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Unknown Soul Blog

Identify the Enemy Within


Oh Lord defend and protect me !

To appropriately defend oneself we must first identify the enemy or enemies from within.

Emotions are critical components to deciphering the true identity of the one we desire to conquer.  They often lead the way to the truth though in and of themselves are merely a symptom.

There is one thing I need to stress; 
My own journey of discovery, healing and recovery of lost blessings did not even begin until I had come to the throne of God through His only Son Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit to whom I give all praise and glory.

 For once you have allegiance to the King of Kings,  divine authority is given you to defeat any evil that you will ever or have ever encountered.  

Deception of the identity will be the first conquest needful in this battle.  For it will protect this truth with all its might.  In fact it is paramount to decipher this to achieve victory.

Most often this enemy resides within the confines of our own mind in our  thought processes.  Beliefs, experiences, environmental surroundings and many other factors define the battleground of our most difficult struggles in life.  Our minds , our will, the very desires of our hearts will need to be explored in the pursuit for victory and justice.

For instance,  if we continually struggle with such things as self worth...

The symptoms may not have developed from an outside source, such as the spouse that left you for the affections of another.  Rather this could be the outcome by which this deeply routed belief has found expression in the natural world. 

In this experience you have a choice whether or not to continue with and reinforce  these old beliefs, or to use them for your best outcome.  By this I mean to allow yourself ample time to grieve this painful time, but, to not allow yourselves to accept nor encourage the old beliefs that you are not worthy of love.

Sometimes, not always, we subconsciously draw circumstances to us for the purpose of learning and truly defeating the enemy that lay dormant within our own soul.

This is why identifying the true source is so vitally important to our success in living the abundant life God intended for us to live.

Many things in life are out of our control... Though our own thoughts are not one of them.

When we allow our Lord ample time, He can and does assist us in untying the web of knots, those deceptive beliefs, and patterns that have framed the person we have become into the person we are meant to become... Whole, healthy,happy and living an abundant life.

To identify the true culprit we must seek wisdom through prayer.  God knows the depths of our hearts, souls and the thought processes that we ourselves are deceived by.  In communion with the Holy Spirit we are enabled to see with a more accurate view what indeed lay at the crux of our struggle.  Largely , in my own life I have found that these "enemies" I fight against exist primarily in my mind. 

In truth, I have suffered many things at the hands of others which were completely out of my control and very damaging to my soul.  (I must stress here that my own example is just that, mine.) 

Through thoughtful prayer and endless battles of my own I have discovered that my thought patterns and safe guards developed at points of my life when I suffered the most severely, were designed to protect me and geared mostly toward my survival.  

For example: fear and adrenaline are good if and when your life is in immediate peril... beyond that, there is no longer a need to walk around afraid or feeling the need to defend oneself.  Yet I see the effects of just that in the eyes of people all the time, in their bodies where it gets stored over time in various forms of disease.

Many things, deeply rooted beliefs being one major player that are developed in early childhood no longer suit us as we grow into adulthood.  Most are naturally outgrown of there own accord in the course of life.  

But if like me, you have things about yourself or in your life that you would like to see change ...  patterns of behavior... low self esteem... poor health... etc. , it is likely that somewhere along the journey there is a twisted knot of sorts sown deep into the fabric of your being, one that you have yet to discover...  untie... overcome...

Spiritual growth leads us to achieving victory in all of lifes arenas. 

Shame and fear used to feel like a weight around my neck, now they 
 only serve to reveal
 a hidden treasure of a future victory. 

Let God help you reclaim all that He intended for you

There is no limit to what God can and will do with a willing student.  No obstacle to high nor fear too deeply rooted that He cannot dislodge if we are willing and unyielding to the bad fruit it produces within our lives.

I started out in life with abuse at a very young age.  This can and does destroy the life of the victim.   If not for Divine intervention, it very well could have been the end of my story...

As I have said many times before, the Lord has a beautiful plan for each and every one of His children, my life is no different.  

We have all be hurt in life, we all have struggles, and we all have access to a God who loves us dearly.

 I have found that the Lord will not allow me to settle for less than total freedom in my life.  He relentlessly pursues me in the most gracious and tender of ways.  Knowing my frame is delicate and weak, He has adorned me with an exceptional ability to hear His soft voice calling to me ... given me wisdom I would never have found if not for His divine grace... even  equipped me with a desire and fortitude that I never imagined available to someone "like me" to press on through the storms of life and into victory.  Through every valley He has been there by my side.  To envelope me, encourage me, and many times carry me.  My journey of faith and the healing of my own wounds has led me to a life of introspection,  for His presence in my life is nothing short of miraculous to me.  Something I deeply cherish as there is no greater or more precious treasure in life to me.

In my book, "Memoirs of an Unknown Soul" I have recorded many such tender moments and messages through a fictional  character touched by the Divine Hand of God...

The exposing of fears and doubts and other negative thought patterns can be a daunting task for sure.  Though the outcome of such a venture; to be set free
 from these atrocities and led  to a more abundant and peaceful life... Priceless

To anyone pursuing healing, spiritual, emotional or  physical ;
and for all who have suffered from such grave injustices as childhood abuse,

I say; 

 Lean close, into the arms of your Beloved Savior...
 with perseverance not prejudice  for the past...  allow Him to become your sustenance...
for in this you will prevail....
You can heal ... Anything !

One step at a time, in the arms of grace, this is how we overcome...

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ overshadow you and lead you in the way you should go that you may prosper in all things. Amen.


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