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Unknown Soul Blog

Childlike Faith

Would you allow the enemy to run rampant among your children ...  
Who are you, but God's precious child ...

     How often do we run to the rescue of someone else and ignore the child in the mirror... 

     Helping those in need is certainly honorable and a good work, tho today I would like to speak to the you in the mirror... that you would be better able to do the work for which you are called...

     If we do not reign in ourselves and take control of our thoughts the evil one will have control and be a continual source of anguish to our souls... 

     Brothers and sisters if we have not first surrendered all, ( thoughts, hearts, souls )  to our Savior, and come under His protection and authority, how then are we to be effective in helping others...       

     We must first allow His grace to flow freely within our own hearts, cleansing us, healing us and restoring to us proper balance in His love...

      lest we lead even one little lamb astray from His perfect love... 

     If we are coming from a place of frustration and not love we are less able to help each other... we absolutely must subject our own hearts to the continuing scrutiny of the Saviors grace... For He is well able to heal all our wounds.  Ours is to open the heart fully that His grace may purge, reveal, restore and heal...

     But if we act in love, even while in the midst of our trials, in the name above all names, Jesus Christ, He will perfect in us that which is not, for His holy names sake... for His love covers us.

     There is no greater gift than love... for even the gifts of the spirit, given to His church come to naught, if done without love... 

     So ask for childlike faith and for the gift of love... with these no thing shall be impossible for you.

     "Ask of the Father in His sons name anything... IN FAITH ... and it shall be given you..."

     We are not powerless in the face of darkness, faith is all that is required to move mountains. 

     What does "childlike" faith look like...

     Look to your own little ones at your side, see through their eyes, the innocence of complete reliance and trust in the parents ability to provide and protect .

     When they are frightened, you soothe them with a gentle hand and loving embrace... 

     And they are comforted .

     If they fall down and get hurt, get sick or are overtaken by disease, you scoop them up, tenderly cleanse and bandage that wound, take them to the doctors for appropriate medical treatment, and hold them gently, lovingly, until the pain subsides... 

     And they are made well...

     When they have a need they simply ask you, knowing that you will take care of them... 

     And they are provided for...

     They are in complete trust in your embrace. They do not fear that you will give them something harmful, instead...

 ***  they inherently know to trust you to provide what is good and pleasing***

     Would you give them a rock when they are hungry ? Or leave them in the care of someone who will harm them ? would you not calm these fears and correct the thinking of your child so that they would feel safe, and think correctly once again...

     At what point did we as children of God, stop trusting in our Fathers ability to provide for all our needs ?

     Okay, you say when I got sick and He did not heal me... When I lost my job , my home and my spouse... When my heart was shattered by another s actions...

     Somewhere in our pain which did 
Not come from God by the way, we turn our backs on God and choose to walk on our own. The agony may have been so terrible that we began to think that God is not really interested in us... How could He allow this we scream...

      That His power is ineffective in our life... Faith doesn't work...

     That He is just not going to show up for us... I guess the answer to all my prayers is No...

     That we must do this ourselves...
 God isn't going to give me anything, I have to work hard for anything I want...

     I know, I've been there , it isn't fun...


     To these I say, first of all we live in a fallen world and evil does exist here.  Bad things happen, to everyone at some point. He watches over us like a good shepherd at all times. He even sends warnings so we can maneuver around and beyond difficulties so that we do not suffer... Trouble is, most of the time we are not listening. Sometimes we like what we are doing so much we just don't want to hear the warning so we tune it out.....

     and then turn around and scream hey where are You Lord, I need You !  hmmm... 

     There are many ways in which the Lord brings healing to us. It may be that what we think we need healing for an illness or disease, when what we truly need at that particular moment in time, in order to provide the healing of our body is a healing of our heart and soul... or a changing of our thought process'... 

     More often than not, I find God leading me deeper and deeper into my heart, cleansing it of things such as, unforgiveness, judgmental attitudes, and most prevelant are the deceptions that the evil one has planted in my subconscious.  

     For me, and maybe many others, this is His favorite weapon .  For if he can give a soul enough pain upon the earth, he can then so weaken the persons heart as to begin the deception process. When we are hurting and our guards are let down, that is when he strikes the second time , and this is the most potent...

  This is where he begins to chip away at our faith... first at our ability to stand in faith for an extended period of time ie; long suffering... 

     Next, in the belief that God will act on our behalf... trusting in our all sufficient God to provide...

     All the while he is leading us into other various forms of temptation and sin to further separate us from Gods presence and from coming into His bountiful blessings... 

     In time, the end result is deceiving us into believing that God does not truly love us or exist at all.  At this point the devils job is done, at the cost of a divine childes eternal soul.

     What God does give us is the strength to stand up and walk through any given challenge that evil throws at us. Not only that but He promises to use it all to our advantage. 

     Ask of your Father in heaven for the gift of Faith, childlike faith, that you may endure and have victory in every area of life.

      And if we stand upon His word in faith and trust He can and will hold us in perfect peace as we wait for Him to deliver us from the grip of the enemy. 
      Then comes our victory of healing, provision and so much more. 

     We do well to look in the eyes of our children as they look up to us in complete expectation that we will provide all that they need.

           Childlike Trust = Faith

      It is the only thing you need to overcome each and every challenge you confront.  In this one thing, this faith, Jesus said, 

" you will do all that I have done and more..."

     For without faith it is not possible to please our Father in heaven... 

     with it...
no thing shall be impossible...

     Lord, please steady the hearts of the  precious children experiencing tribulations today.  In Your mighty name Lord Jesus, I come against these evils devised for the sole purpose of seperating them from Your holy presence and obtaining Your favor and blessings.  I  break the chains of wickedness threatening to overwhelm their weary souls.  

     Breathe of life come upon Your children strengthen them, fill them with holy fire for Your names sake. Set them free from all that is come against them Today !

     I pray that You will anoint Your children with the oil of gladness. Give to them a new level of faith, childlike faith, that they may receive even more than they imagined. 

     Thank You Lord for protecting us and providing all that we need at just the right time.  Thank You for Your faithfulness to us even when we may not be, You are ... 

     Most of all, I am grateful that You love us with such great tenderness, compassion and mercy... You are so glorious... I love You...

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