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Unknown Soul Blog

Surrendering All


   Messianic Principal :

     Surrender all ... Loss nothing good ... 
Gain God's awesome best of everything 

     Today Lord I give You all of me as never before...

      To do all that You have longed to do with me... in me... through me...  

     Give to me all that You have for me this day Father... all that my misguided heart has prevented me from receiving, due to lack of understanding... from my desire to control instead of follow... from my lack of faith in Your immeasurable goodness... 

     Today I relinquish my life, plans, goals, dreams, desires... unto Your most gracious hands to do more than I ever imagined possible... 

     to provide for me, in good measure, shaken up, pressed down and overflowing abundance... 

     lead me to the places You desire me to go, places within and without... places I overlook and avoid from fear and a faint heart ... 

     bless me, in the most phenomenal ways, ways that are higher than mine, richer, kinder, deeper, more gracious than I ever dreamed, Your ways Lord ... 

      Embrace me in Your complete and unconditional love, from whence comes Your full measure of grace... that I may reflect unto You, the brilliance of Your glory...

     What do you think would happen if we were to submit ourselves to absolute surrender to His holy and majestic will...?

     Our minds cannot comprehend the depths, the span of the greatness of His glory... 

      So we must begin by believing that He actually is wanting, waiting ...  with a deep longing... with a passionate desire ... 
 to bestow upon His children,  blessings that no man has conceived nor eye has seen nor ear has heard...

     He awaits the surrender of our hearts... He awaits the obedience of our wills... He awaits the time when we can believe in the abundance of His most  gracious love and all that it encompasses ... 

     He awaits our trust, that He truly desires what is best for us, and will give to us over and above all that we need, or could ever ask...


     Do we get it all now ? No... Why not ? Why does it seem to take forever... ?

     Well think of it this way, you wouldn't give your baby steak to eat while still drinking from a bottle, right... but you will make certain that the formula you can feed her has everything in it to give her every advantage to grow strong and healthy. You would never giver her something she could not yet digest or that may be harmful to her because she is precious in your sight... more precious than anything else on earth... 

     Think about that for a moment; you are that wee little one, cherished and adored by your heavenly Father. Enveloped in His loving and protective arms. He will not drop you, nor will He cause you harm.  He will nurture your soul, your heart, your mind, your body...

     Does not a doting Father hold His babe tenderly, cradling her gently, as He whispers sweetly of the wonderful plans He has for her ...

     Think that a man, an earthly father can give good gifts, loving kindness and gentle guidance to his child... 

      How much more is our Father in heaven able to love, cherish and provide for us , His priceless treasure...

     He will nurture and strengthen your heart and soul first in preparation for more abundant blessings. He knows the way to the life you want to lead, actually if we can trust Him, He even has a better plan... wait... trust like a child... take His hand and walk with Him... you will be very glad you did.

      Surrender ... to the only One that has the perfect plan, that will exceed anything we can ever come up with, yes anything... 

     Stir in my soul that which glorifies You in the most precious and beautiful way.

    For in the surrendering of all of me, I know that You will lift my soul, my heart, my life to heights I never knew existed.  

     Oh that we would so open our hearts to the Lord... lay down what we thought was good... and become that which is glorious...

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