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Unknown Soul Blog

Resurrected Heart

 What does a resurrected heart look like to you...?

      To me, it is a heart, by the grace of God, that begins to beat again and can love after being shattered by innumerable strikes of darkness...

      One that has been battered to the point of total shut down... 

     One that no longer recognizes the look of compassion,  the tenderness of the touch of love...

     A heart so worn by the storms of life that it forgot how to beat at all... 

     Or chose not to for fear of the agony it was once capable of feeling...

     How do I know ... because this was my own heart...

     We can get to a point in life that we truly could not even fathom anyone loving us at all, or of loving ourselves...

that is where God steps in...

      Sometimes life can be so devastatingly brutal on our hearts that we simply choose to shut down.  

     Without realizing what I was doing I had bowed out of life and chosen a slow and painful death of sorts, a life without the risk that love demands.  But life devoid of love is no life at all...  and love does requires risk taking.

     In my pain I had closed myself off to anything and anyone who would ultimately challenge my decision to live a life safe from any risk that could put my heart in jeopardy of being hurt again. In short, I stopped living...

     Then came grace...  Knowing I hadn't the power, strength or the fortitude to fight this battle , He came in the back door.  Quietly, gently, tenderly, He came and did for me what no human could have done, what I could not manage to do for myself and thought I did not even want.

     This battle was the Lords... all I had to do was allow Him entry and hold on to Him...

     For three long years I clung to His hand, hiding in His tender embrace, buried my face in His heart alone...

     Slowly, ever so gracefully the skilled hand of the Great Physician removed spike after spike from my wounded and worn out heart... pealed layer upon layer of that rock encrusted shell from around my soul... and filled each wounded space with His own light, His own love , His own peace...

     As I went through this time of healing He would take my spirit back through the times of greatest agony and reveal to me the truth of His love again and again as He untied the web of knots, the lies I believed and began a new tapestry of life of love, even a new past, recreated by the keeper of time itself. 

     There was no pain so deep, no splinter so far embedded within my heart that he could not reach, no wound He did not desire to heal...  no darkness that could not be illuminated by His light...

     and my heart began to beat once again... slowly...with irregularity at first, as I became accustomed once again to living and breathing in the life that only love can bring... 

     Over this time, in small steps, I began to breathe more peacefully, step lighter, and look upon myself and others through much softer lenses , through the eyes of grace. Seeing beauty where once I saw only barrenness.  

     Until I could once again voice the words I long ago deleted from my vocabulary... I'm ready Lord, ready to experience life again, and joy, and even love ...

      For You have resurrected my heart, from death to life...

     Whatever the pain, no matter the severity, He will go with you, before you and never leave you...

     Surrender first to the Lord and then watch as He heals your wounds one by one and again sets you on solid ground ready for a new and more beautiful life than you could have ever imagined...

     Trust Him with your pain, all of it, in time He will set you free and you will soar on the wings of angels...
     May your hearts be set free today of anything holding you back from the beauty of love and all the wonderful joys the Lord has planned for you. 
Thank You Lord for the healing of my heart that only You could know...
In the name above all names, the King of Kings, my Beloved Jesus, I pray. Amen.



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