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Unknown Soul Blog

Chain Breaking Faith

Worship and Praise... your lead-in to chain breaking faith...

     Do you know what worship and praise in the face of lifes trials does ?  

     It literally takes the chains off that hold back your blessings !  

     Oh that My children would lift their eyes in faith...  

     Jesus said that we are children of God and as such we have the RIGHT the to call light out of darkness...  to call blessings out of His treasury in heaven...  the authority to RULE over wickedness upon the earth ! 

     Do you not yet know who you are in Christ Jesus ?  do you not yet know that all power in heaven is in your hands to do righteously all things that Jesus Himself did upon the earth ?

     Do you know that if you will only stand in faith that the heavens will open at Your command and pour out such blessings that you will not have room enough to store it ?!

     BELIEVE !  Thats what faith is.  Calling things into being that are not yet, as though they were... and see for yourselves the mighty power of the Lord your God !

     There is no storm too big or too difficult that you cannot stand through in peace and power.  Stand in the shadow of the Lord of Hosts and watch the problem fade into the distance !

     Yes , we do have to walk in righteousness in order to avail ourselves of this awesome and powerful grace...  and we do have to be covered by the blood of Jesus to become all we are ment to be, so.... whats stopping us from doing "all that Jesus did and more also..."

     Lack of faith is all.  He said He loves you in a million ways and still we wander and stumble around with only scraps of something remotely resembling actual belief in His love for us.  

     If your only child was suffering and alone would you not desire with your whole heart to run to him, envelope him in your abundance of love, provide for his every need ?  

     Really ? Then why is it you still dont get how much you are loved, truly cherished, held, carried, adorned and empowered by the power of the truest form of love that has ever existed ?  Chessed... Completely adored... Cherished as an only child... Tenderly, affectionately cradled by the arms of grace that long to bless you with every wonderful thing imaginable , and many you dont even know about !

      Today you are carrying something that is way too heavy for you... some things are ment to be TOO heavy...hmmm...  Lets think about that a moment.  

     Why would God give you something that is actually too hard for you..?

     That you will look up and find Him ! He waits for His children to ask Him to intercede, to allow Him to come in to our hearts and depend upon Him, lean into your Fathers embrace and let His strength become your own.  Lay it down at His feet that He may carry it for you and you as well.  This how we learn just how much He cherishes us !  

     Problem with this is that we want to do it ourselves and cannot... We have difficulties trusting that He Will pick it up and take it from us.  

     I tell you that I have learned that if I can lay it down, He can and does pick it up for me.  Throughout this process I have grown in strength, faith, trust... I am letting go of fears, anxieties, pain, grief, attitudes that no longer serve me and so much more.

    I am still working on the impatience of His timing lol :)  and even in this that I find so hard I have learned that it is not my Lord who waits, it is my level of faith that is still and ever will be continuing to grow... 

     I find that His love for me is present in every moment, each breathe, He is loving me through it all, even when I rail against the pain of it all... He still leans in close to me and whispers, "You are My Beloved child, fearfully and wonderfully made..."

     and ever reminding me when I forget... 

"Do you know who you are IN ME ..?"

     So today I would like to remind my readers that you too, are fearfully and wonderfully made... in the very image of the Almighty creator Himself... 

    Cherished in every second, tenderly and completely adored just as you are...

     Lord God heavenly Father, I give You praise and glory ! together with Your Beloved Son, my Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit ! 

     Thank You in advance, by faith, for the heavenly blessings of every kind raining down upon me right now! 

    I lay at Your feet every burden, pain and broken part of me, that You may heal and restore me in Your infinite love of my own tender soul...  I pray that You oh Lord would increase my faith that my walk with You may be full of glory and joy and all the wonderful blessings I know Your perfect heart desires to bestow upon me. For You have called me worthy, treasured, cherished, adored just as I am. Amen. 

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