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Unknown Soul Blog

Church Apathy

     If Jesus Christ walked into your church tomorrow what would you do...?

     Now, if a man or woman walked into your church looking disheveled, poor and sickly, what would you do...?

     Is there a difference...?  Should there be...?

     Do you look upon this person as a child of the most High God ? Do you "see" what God sees ?  or do you shy away thinking maybe they are living the life that they deserve...  

     The Lord looks upon the heart of man not on his/her outward appearances.  Remember young King David the shepherd boy ?  

     He did not "appear" to look kingly , no,  not even unto the Lords servant...

     I ask you these questions today because He, ( the Lord Jesus ) has walked among you, right in the midst of your congregation...  think back to the person you saw last week, last month, three years ago...  

     Did you welcome him/her warmly as the King of Kings ?  Do you not realize that you are sitting in HIS house and not your own...?

     How dare anyone judge the person walking through that door with indifference to their plight ! 

     Have you not been told, judge not lest you be judged with the same measure...

    Are we not commanded to take care of the poor, the widows and the orphans..?

     Have you seen the depths of this persons pain, been witness to the the secrets hidden deep within their soul, walked in their shoes ? 

     Do you dare not consider the Masters call to invite His sheep into the sheepfold...  Who are these who call themselves the shepherds but do not have love... these are what the Lord Jesus has already called vipers !

     There is NO greater gift that you can offer a fellow human being than unconditional love... this same gift that was given to you.
    All other gifts and talents that may have been given shall be taken and given to the little lamb whos heart remains open to the loving call of the Bridegroom !

     Many a church have forgotten from whence they came.  They have fallen into apathy ! for the love of Christ is no longer evident !  

     Instead of a warm welcome into a body of believers they are shunned... treated with disdain... and even pushed aside !  Have you not been taught that your actions not your empty words, bear witness to the depths of your soul !

     What has happened to you My church ?  This is the cry I hear from My Beloved ...  Where shall I send My little ones to be fed, nurtured, sheltered and watered , loved as I have loved you ?

     To which gate shall I send them ? who will open to Me and love My little ones without hesitation, judgment, compromise, condemnation or conditions ...?

     Go ye out into the streets and invite all whom you see to My wedding feast !

     Where love does not live, I will not remain...  

     Come My children back to your first love...  repent! and enter into My embrace once again.  Open your hearts to the little ones I am sending to you and look not upon them with shame but look upon them through My eyes of grace which searcheth the heart of man.

     For several years now the Lord has sent me into new and unknown places ... what I have been witness to has sadly been far from what you would hope to find in and among His "own"...

     I have been sourly disappointed with what I experienced in reference to the "love of thy neighbor .."  

    I have met with many poor people that have been so mistreated by one church or another in like manner that it breaks my heart for my Beloved who gave His own life for theirs, mine and yours...

    I found that although man may be well meaning, when it comes to loving people the way Jesus loves us, in all our imperfections, it is this love that is lacking in many churches and ministries today.  People are afraid to get too close like the "poverty disease" may fall off and cling to themselves. 

     Seriously, have you never entered a house and stood out like a soar thumb and known in an instant that you were not quiet what they were expecting... 
    Do you know how damaging that is to someone searching for love,
acceptance, inclusion and maybe just desiring true friendship ?  Shame on us all when we do these ridiculous things to each other !

     I think that we can all benefit by allowing ourselves to consider that it just may be possible,  that more times than not the people entering into your church are there to well, teach you something and not just the other way around... 

     People that God brings to your front doors are gifts from the Father ! 

     Can you imagine how you would feel if you entered that same place and were made to feel like you really were a precious gift ?  Wow what a difference that makes !  How would it make you feel to be so welcomed into someones presence, honored and adored, like you are the priceless treasure that He tells us we are ! you know, the way Jesus makes us feel...  

    Thats what Im talking about !  Because you are a priceless treasure in the eyes of Him who made you !  

    Now this is representing our Lord properly !!!

    I entreat you to consider these words carefully and take meticulous care of these precious children, for of such is the kingdom of God... and your own blessing... for each has a gift to offer, even the least little one...

     The Holiest place on earth is not the church building or temple in which you worship but rather within the very heart of the person standing at the door !

     Gods only Son, Yeshua tore that veil that separated us from God on the cross!
Every man, woman and child has direct access to the King of Kings at any time in any place...

     The church body of Jesus Christ is not an exclusive group or click of  certain people "like" you. 

    It is an ALL INCLUSIVE heart minded, soul connected, changed by the grace of God alone who have been set free from bondage and welcome the sharing of this wonderful free gift to anyone who seeks to find the same which is available to each and every person God created regardless of race, nation, social economical background or present circumstances. 

     If you have found yourself in the confines of an organization that does not have evidence of love, quickly find another !
   For woe to the brother or sister that ignores the plight of the poor and calls upon the name of the Lord !  His prayers will garner nothing.

    Love is made evident in the actions which revealeth the internal workings of the heart and soul, which no man can see but God alone.  By our actions or lack there of we are given a glimpse into what the Father sees... 

     To quote a very dear husband and wife team down in the belly of poverty itself,  Haiti ... 

Bobby and Sherry from Love a Child Ministry,

  "Love is something you DO..."

     and they Do a whole lot for Gods children !  From feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, providing medical treatment, housing the orphans and widows, and they do this as they lead souls to Jesus' saving grace and build churches for worshiping in and so much more !

    Haiti is the poorest nation on our planet.  America is the wealthiest.  If one couple can feed a starving nation then I would like to know why in North America, there are hungry, sick, naked, homeless people in our midst ..?

     Lord, You asked me to open the eyes of the church to this issue.  But You alone Lord Jesus can open the hearts of Your children .  Whom shall I send, You asked, and I answered You, here I am Lord send me !  and so I walked among the poorest right here in my own neighborhood. 

    I have seen and experienced the nightmare that no one wants to look at... and now I have presented it to them in the hearing of many elders... 

     Lord I pray that You would lead the shepherds of this day to sincere repentance and help them return to the gift of love, which by Your grace alone has saved them. For we know that without love all gifts come to naught. 

     I ask you to give generously to the poor, to the hungry, to the homeless, to the orphans of this world, to the little ones next door to you, in your own communities.  They are hurting in ways you cant even imagine and wouldnt want to. I dont want you to know the pain I see in them, feel with them... not in a million years would I wish this on anyone...  Love them as you would want to be loved, as Jesus would do through you, allow Him to...

    Open the hearts and minds of Your children for Your holy namesake and for the little ones that thirst for Your righteousness. You alone Lord are deserving of all glory, honor and praise!
Raise up for Yourself oh Lord, harvesters, unafraid of the darkness that permeates these little ones daily lives. Send them into the fields to protect, provide and rescue these, Your little lambs !
    In the name above all names the mighty and awesome power of Yeshua, I pray. Amen.

     Please consider a generous donation as I go out into the fields to gather what the world has left behind, forgotten,  as worthless or too broken, the little ones that the Lord sees as worthy and priceless treasures !
In the name of Jesus Christ who loves each of us as if we were the only ones on the planet... To these do I go... because He sees you and cherishes you just as you are !

The Unknown Soul Organization is a foundation that seeks to find and help the helpless, the broken and the precious children that God sees and adores with His unconditional and all consuming love... 

Thank you for your help in the restoration of lives, hearts and souls.



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