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Unknown Soul Blog

I Bless Israel

Israel, oh Israel ! 
My firstborn...

Come My children, come !  Come to Me and I will give you rest.  See I have sent My servants to stand beside you in your day of trouble.  

    I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...  tho the enemy is come against thee to test thee, I will not relent on My promise to protect you !  I am making a hedge around you to defend you .  Look at My hands that were pierced for your transgression, to give you a hope and an eternal inheiritance .  

    Turn your eyes heavenward and gather in the shadow of the Almighty !  Now, even now, I am gathering My flock to the land of their fathers, the land of the promise of Abraham of which I will not relent !

     Bless the name of the Lord oh Israel ! and hear what the prophets of old have testified to.  For they suffered and were put to death for My holy names sake !  

     Hold fast to your faith as the tempter tries to lead you away from My presence!  I will give you strength in these days and he will in no way steal you from My own hand !   I will  fiercely protect you My children !  Look no further than the Word which I sent to you and the Comforter  will lead you to safety!       

    "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and nothing was created without Him..."

     I know that many people are suffering many things right now.  You are not alone !   Know the Word little ones and know it well for it will give you all you need to stand strong in the days to come.   

     Three years ago I was violently attacked.  My sense of safety was completely shaken for some time to come.  Afterwards  I turned to man for help but found only empty words...  even within the confines of my church brethren I found no comfort.  I fell deeper into a darkness that bound me with fear and insecurity.  I felt that if God could allow this to happen to me and man would not help me, (even many who we call people of faith),  what was there worth living for ?  Depression soon consumed me day and night and I lost sight of any goodness left in our world.   
    Take my life oh God ! became my constant cry .   
    But God...  Yeshua came as my bright Light , right into this darkness and began to carry me.   Each and every day He came to me through this precarious time.  With such great tenderness as I never knew existed ! 

    He began teaching me things and imparting His uncommon wisdom unto me. He explained that  He had many gifts in store for me but I didnt yet know how to receive them.  You see I had already suffered great injustices as a child of an abusive father, so my sense of what true love and justice was warped at best, and this only served to confirm all those lies I thought were truth for so many years.   

     Slowly, we continued this dialogue of sorts .   One of the things He told me was that after any person or people suffer ongoing injustices for long periods of time, deep down within their souls they begin to believe these lies and expect more of the same from life.  Over time these begin to errode the truths of God and we run from Him instead of headlong into His arms for the relief we are actually crying out for.  

     Day after day the Lord came to me in the most amazing and at times excruciating ways.  You see He had to untie those old beliefs that were burried too deep for me to reach.  Some of them felt like open heart surgery without anesthesia !  But you cannot heal a wound until it is first discovered and then cleansed, ( thats the part that hurts so much )  .  

   Just as if you had to have an operation to save your life and or stop the pain your suffering with now, you have to get to it first and the relief can be phenomainal  afterward !  

    Layer upon layer we explored the wounds of my soul together.   As we did , I  began to experience the most amazing things that both thrilled  me and at times frightened me .   This most amazingly, tender love that Yeshua  so graciously bestowed upon me has changed the course of my life forever and has given me more freedom than I have ever felt in my 51 years !

    Yeshua has set me free to live the abundant life that He planned since the begining of time just for me !

     The point that I am trying to make is that God, our heavenly father truly, tenderly cherishes us.  He is the gentlest comfort we could ever wish for.   Thats why He came and gave us a way out if you will.   He knew we would need help and He provided it Himself on the cross and so much more.   Yeshua didnt just take our penalty for us, He sent us His Ruach Hakodesh to comfort and guides us throughout our lives. 

     No other people or nation has ever, in all of history, been publicly and privately oppressed by the hands of the enemy than Israel.   But I want you to know that you are loved in such a special way, cherished as an only child, each one of you !  And we all have this same enemy in common !  For if we love the Lord thy God, we love our older brothers and sisters , our neighbors in Israel.  This is what is mandatory in order to receive and be partakers in His glory.  For in YOU Israel are all the nations blessed or cursed. Recall the many wonders that were wrought by the hand of God on your behalf !

     With such overwhelming love and tenderness does He who made us treat you !

     And being joined to you in one spirit of love, through Messiah Yeshua, who came through your lineage as Savior to all who ask, we confess our unity with you and stand eagerly by your side ready to defend our Fathers inheretence !  

     It is He, Yeshua who calls me to call to you Israel, to pray fervent prayers on your behalf night and day.  To cry out to Him who hears all the cries of His children, for your safe keeping, prosperity , salvation and peace !

     Our God is an awesome God who can take anything no matter how small, as one hurting little country girl or an entire nation, to move mountains of adversity and heal  us.    He is no respecter of persons, what He does for one He will do for another, just call upon Him !

     The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy...  our hearts, our minds, our posesions, our lives, our souls...  Messiah Yeshua comes to restore all this and more!   

     I am well aquainted with pain and grief , I am also more so filled with a supernatural joy and peace, and strength that I never could have had on my own that Yeshua spoke of...  it is this that I most fervently pray for you each day.  

     So come little children, your Father in heaven desires to heal you everywhere you hurt...  As with me, He will help you to untie any lies the enemy has been whispering to your soul and show you the way, His way , 
with His light,  in His truth.

     Lord I pray for Your children of Israel  to experience Your personal attention as I have been blessed with that they may know just how fervent is Your love for them.  In Your Mighty Son Yeshuas name I pray.  Amen.


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