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Unknown Soul Blog

Hidden Treasures

 I have discovered that there are innumerable rewards in being set apart for God... 

     I did not set out to challenge myself, but prayed for healing...

     I did not know that He intended to answer me with the deep healing of wounds I would have preferred to leave alone...

     (Pssst... Lord, I meant my back pain...) I would learn , in time, that its Always better to allow God to lead... He knows the best way... and its actually less painful ...

     I hate pain and suffering,  and have had more than my fair share, if " fair" even applys...  
and yet as much as I despise my own grief it is quite another story to witness the agony of another... 

     At least when its my own I know that my Lord will comfort me in extraordinary ways... 
how anyone could get by without the extreme compassion of my Beloved I cannot fathom.

     Truly I tell you the trial has been excruciating at times, although  the benefits far outweigh the pain.

     Allow me to explain...

     As far back as I can remember my life has been riddled with some form of pain, physical,  emotional and spiritual. I do not ever remember a time without it...  I also don't recall ever not having the Lords everpresent love .  

     He has always been a part of me... Always answered my call to avail me of His tender kindnesses...  I have been so blessed to walk with my Beloved throughout my life... This grace has saved my life on more than a few occasions ...

     When my pain is at its worst, the Lord is closest... or is it that my need is increased and He grants me more grace accordingly... Either way, He has never forbidden me His presence, never left me to handle it alone...  Never , ever, denied me His loving presence !  

    That's just what a loving Father does... He doesn't turn away when your in need... make you question whether or not you deserve His love...  No, not once did He ever tell me to be ashamed or come back when you have "fixed" yourself, or cleaned up your mess... 

     He bids me, Come little one, and I will help you figure out where things went wrong...  or how to do something in a better more appropriate way ... how to view it from a new , perhaps higher perspective...  

     God is kind... He is tender... He is a good father who cherishes His children... and He is Always available to each of us.

     Sometimes life seems to throw you curve ball after curve ball until you just want to quit ! You can't catch a break no matter what you do or which way you turn... 

     These are the days that seem relentless,  I know and they are awfully painful.  They are also an opportunity to draw close to your creator , sit at His feet and see what He wants to show you, learn what it is He is trying to teach you... Because He is trying to get closer to you, closer than you would have ever dreamed... 

     For three years now I have had the most profound experience with the Lord ...

     as I wandered through my
 " desert time" , I found out what a best friend I had in Jesus ... 
    a faithful , constant companion... a trusted advisor... A true Light that shown brightest in my darkest hours.
The Good Shepherd and doting Father we all long for.

     When I had no one to call upon for help, or none would heed my call, He was there every step of the way... 

     There are times that evil comes against us.  There are times that even the people you thought would never desert you will.  There are days when life seems relentless and we just don't have a reason or rhyme to it.  And there are seasons that God is trying desperately to reach us... to heal us ... to lead us to a better way... His way...

     As I reach the three month mark of being homeless, of endless motel stays, packing and unpacking, of worrying what we would eat and where we would sleep next and heartache beyond what I thought I could endure...
     I. finally realized that something very special had happened to me... 

     I learned to trust my Beloved.

     I never had to sleep outdoors, though I met some beautiful people who had...

     I never went a day without enough food, when many do...

     When my medicine, that I cannot move without, ran out it was miraculously resupplied...

     When I was lonely and my heart ached, Yeshua came to me in visions and gave me a drink of water... "Living Water"...

     Many times He held me like a babe, cradling me and wrapping me in His own robe... and the comfort of His presence was indescribable. ..

     He gave me wisdom like I had never heard before and taught me the Word Himself... 

     He covered me in grace and tenderly wiped my tears as He healed the deep wounds of my heart and soul.

     Day after day, endless night after sleepless night, He held me steady and we talked about everything and anything... 
Truly, He cares about every little thing I brought up... Nothing I asked was small or insignificant to Him.  

     The tenderness with which He loved me is incomparable ...
     This time, this private time with my Beloved is now what I consider a priceless treasure that I will cherish forever...

     Yes, some days seem relentless...  and those storms really are too tough to manage, alone ...

     If you are in a difficult season of turmoil , maybe, just maybe its actually a time of truly divine indulgence ... or maybe it can be if you allow it to be... 

     Trust in the Lord, lean not on your own understanding,  but acknowledged Him in all your ways and He shall direct your steps...  

    May all your days be covered with Divine grace, no matter the season.  In Jesus name, I bless you. Amen.

     May you know the truth of just how loved you are in your Fathers eyes... 


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