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Unknown Soul Blog

Childlike Trust

     Even during extremely trying times it is still possible to find joy. 

      Actually the Son shines brightest in the darkest of times...

     See this handsome little man, he has a way of allowing the Light of God to shine right through him especially at the point when I'm about to fall apart ... and he has no problem whatsoever reminding me of all the faith I spent years equipping him with,  just when I need it the most ;) 

     Children have an inherent ability to trust ... to believe in goodness ... and that it is for them ...
      Simple, innocent, trust...

     Its a precious commodity the older we get.  Coincidentally,  I find it to be a vitally important aspect of faith. 

     How can we stand in faith if we cannot trust ?
     The Lord said, "believe" and it shall be given you... 
     Last month He fed us and provided day after day until we "saw" and learned to trust in His absolute divine ability
to provide out of nowhere ! 

     We went to a few churches and ministries for help though where we went we received naught but a few crumbs, some none at all ...

     This was a very painful lesson for me... as humbling as it was to have to ask for help, it was much worse to be turned away as if our circumstances were some sort of punishment we deserved, and by the very ones crying out, come in and be "filled"...
    Umm... with what, your empty words..?  I don't think that's what God meant when He said love your neighbor,  nor is this the way to care for the orphaned. 

     And yet even this God used for our benefit !!!

     God could have led us to the door of a more hospitable place, but He gave an opportunity to both of us to grow... for His mercies are endless. 

     We all make choices every day.  Choices to bless and be blessed...  To curse and be cursed , for in doing this we deny ourselves the very things we cry out to God for ... 
      We chose to forgive and be forgiven... We chose to believe in Gods provisions and receive regardless of anothers choice...

    Above all else I was given the opportunity to grow closer to my Beloved, to see and witness His tender love for me and receive miraculously from His very hand...  

     I cannot say what their actions will garner for them, that is up to God.  As for me and my young son who is bearing witness to all of this , we can boldly exclaim of the wonderful power and tender mercies of our heavenly Father. For our reward is great and far reaching ! 
     Now that was worth it all !  

    So when everything seems to be  falling apart and no one comes to help, hold on a 
moment ... look up ...

     Reach to the very One who created you and has never left you, nor will He ever forsake you... He really does use all things for your good, even the pain and forgetfulness of man...

     Jesus teaches us that each time we give so much as a cool drink of water to someone we have given it unto Him... If you have two coats, keep one and give the other to the one in need...  Remember the poor, the sick, the oppressed and those in captivity of varying degrees .  

     So when my son and I shared our little meal and clothing with the homeless people ,  we stood in faith that the Lord saw and would indeed reward us... we had good reason to "expect" goodness from our Father in heaven ! 

     We are watching Gods miraculous provision in our life!
And we are learning to walk in deeper levels of faith that lead us to greater rewards, step by step.

     So today I am taking time to study my sons ability to have fun and faith even while we are yet without a home, while I am awaiting deliverance from our present circumstances ,  healing from my ever present pain, and financial provision. For all these things are a simple thing for my God, as long as I abide in Him and believe. .. I have no doubt that ALL I ask of my Father in Heaven in His Sons name, Yeshua, ( Hebrew for Jesus )

        I WILL RECEIVE !!!

      Come as a little child... Trust in the inherent goodness of your heavenly Father, and bask in the glory of His tender all encompassing love...  

   You too can  be a part of this miraculous journey of faith, love and renewed hope in the life God always desired for you.  

     Open your heart to your Beloved Lord, ask Him to come to you in new, deeper and richer ways.  

     Dare to step up into a new level of faith today... find out what being truly filled to overflowing with the love and joy of your Beloved is.  

     There is nothing greater than living out your heavenly destiny... Every day can be a soulful victory with Yeshua Messiah . 

     There is Nothing that is or ever will be impossible with Almighty Jehova God !

     I pray that you will be childlike in your trust thus giving you a new level of fearlessness in your faith !  

    That you will dare to come closer to your Fathers side than ever before and find His mighty hand already stretching toward you to help you, to lift you higher, to bring you ever closer to His own divine heart.  And may you enjoy the rest and comfort of knowing you are in His hands. Amen. 

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