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Unknown Soul Blog

Truly Loving

 Beloved, do you love Me ?

      Feed My sheep... 

      Beloved , do you love Me ?

      Tend to My flock...

      Beloved, do you love Me ?

      Love My children as I have. Loved you...

      Deep within the heart and soul of each person is a tiny seed with a great and mighty destiny. In it lies the Divine spark of life that mirrors the awesome reflection of its Creator.  

     In its fullness of time it will become all that it was designed to.  For the Word of God will not come back to Him void...

     Do you have chains of oppression keeping you from your divine destiny ?  Wounds that just refuse to heal ?  Are there circumstances causing you harm beyond your control ? 

      There are many things in this world that may hamper your progress tho, none more far reaching that I know of, than to not be  walking in love ...  

     To exemplify His wonderful love for me, I had to learn to love my enemies...  By this one lesson I have been more blessed than I could have ever imagined. 
     Allow me to explain. ..  

     The Holy Spirit has taught me to see His Divine reflection in the most unlikely of places... my enemies.   Those who have caused me the most grievous of pains.  In so doing, I have found that my own reflection of His perfect and unconditional  love has dramatically changed... Me

     I began to pray for those whose love I did not receive most fervently,  and the result within my own soul was astounding!   

      I began to see in my own life, the truth of the words;
 our battles are Not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and forces of spiritual darknesses...

     When I truly began to understand this, I was then able to bless  and not curse all those who had hurt me.  Watching the effect that my prayers of divine love had upon others only intensified my yearning to come ever closer to the throne of glory.  My compassion deepened for 
 all of my Fathers children. 

     Each and every one of us is  a Divine creation,  made in His own image ,  in the process of becoming all that we are destined to be...
     Jesus said, know ye not, that you are gods ...?  I will send you the Helper and He will give you power and authority from My Father in heaven and you will do all that you have seen Me do and more...

      Every person on our beautiful planet is engaged in the battle of the ages...

     the  war over the hearts and souls of mankind. 

     Each on his/ her own journey to become that which we once were... the eternal light of Divine love.  

      Walk in love for all especially those who live in darkness , for what does it profit a man to love the lovely?  but He came before we knew love, that by His love we might learn to love the unlovely... 

      Be patient with each other for you know not what battles rage against them, nor where their path will lead them.  They are placed in your path to teach You a higher love.  Each one is on the same journey at various stages of growth, carrying burdens you cannot see.  Each one has a Divine call upon their life, learn to pray into that spark of divinity the light of love.  

      When we begin to nurture this in our neighbor,  we will 
manifest heaven on earth !
      It only takes one tiny match to disperse the darkness... Strike it someone's life that you never thought you could and watch what the Lords graciousness does for your own heart...
     In doing this one thing, you will set yourself free and discover just how cherished you yourself are!

     There is no greater power than love and no greater example of divine love than the Master Himself, Yeshua , ( Jesus, our  Messiah in Hebrew ) ,
The Light of the world!

     Oh Lord my God be magnified!   Glory and honor and praise to You my Beloved !
Help us to see as you see, to walk as you have walked, to be the light of divine love that fearlessly defends the helpless, breathes life into death, and seeks justice and mercy for the souls of men in need everywhere. Thank You for Your treasury of heaven opening to all who call upon Your holy name.  

Grace and peace to you this day from Your Father in heaven !



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