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Faith Breakthrough

      I can't tell you how many times the Lords peace has rescued me in difficult times, only that each and every time I saught His presence,  I received it...

     "Look up," says the quiet voice from within... look up and be still.  No matter how stressed I am nor how much pain I feel, if I look up to God, His peace comes... He has never failed me.

     His grace is ever present and available to me, in every moment, every heartbeat... 

    Oftentimes,  in my worst moments of battles over fear and anxieties,  when I'm completely overwhelmed, I feel it most powerfully. 

     When I need it most...

     His light shines brightest in the darkest of times. 

     These are the moments of greatest surrender to grace.  The ones we have trained for in abiding in the Word and the trying of our faith.  The trusting in His strength and enduring love.  The knowing that He is right there beside us at all times in all things.  

     This reassurance holds me steady and reminds me that I am not alone.  It gives me the strength I need to stand upon His promises even in the midst of the storm and that the one who can still that storm happens to love me immeasurably. 

     When you find this place of peace, His resource of abounding love, you begin to understand that there is nothing more beautiful in all the world... nothing more valuable .... and nothing you cannot do while living in it.  

     It is like the kingdom of God upon the earth... truly, it is within and expands outward into the world around you.

     There was something that so terrified me, so chained my heart to fear it was draining the life out of me.  In every area of my life, my health, my ability to prosper, my relationships,  my joy and peace... I thought,  I'll never be able to face this, I'll just have to live my life like this... I can't change it, I can't face it, 
can't handle it. 

     It was slowly and agonizingly  killing me ...


     Right into the One who could...

     And I said, " You alone know the depths of my pain, my sorrow and my fear.  I need You to do this hard thing for me and hold me in perfect peace while You do it.  If You can create me, the heavens and the earth and all the many wonders it beholds, You can certainly help me to overcome my giants.   I don't have to know how You will I just know that You can and You will..."

     Ask and you shall receive... seek and you will find... knock and the door shall be opened for you... Believe and it shall be added unto you. These are His promises to each one of His precious children. 

     I don't know why I was given the gift of seeing, just that I'm deeply grateful to have received it.  I see things in mind pictures , sometimes they are future events yet to come, tho most are to help me work through issues to difficult for me to confront in the physical world.  ( He does that for you if you ask )  His grace can do, and does anything for anyone who calls to Him. His power is limitless. 

     Come to Me, all you who are heavily laden, and I will give you rest... cast your cares upon Me, I will carry you.

     And as soon as I ask I am like a little child sitting in my Fathers lap completely undaunted by the storm outside.... filled with peace and the tenderness of His affection.... 

 He has this,  He has me...

     He taught me to look upon Him and not upon the storm...

     For He who made the universe is greater than all of His creations...

     I did not think I could conquer my giants,  and I was right... not
 in my own strength,  but in Yeshuas I did !  

     I pray that today you will look up...that you will trust in your Father's strength and become a little child as He discharges His mighty army of angels, led by His own Son, Yeshua, ( Jesus in hebrew)
to fight your battles on your behalf.  May His peace and His promise hold you steadfast while you wait upon the victory that He will most assuredly grant you.

  My God how great are Your mercies and loving kindness's toward those who call upon
 You !  I give You thanks and praise in advance for Your great grace and favor in the mighty and most powerful name above all names, Yeshua .  Amen. 




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