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Unknown Soul Blog


Powerful Words

All power is in the Word....

"for verily I say unto you, if you have faith as the grain of a mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove, and nothing shall be impossible unto you." Math. 17;20

...but shall believe that those things which he saysaid shall come to pass; he shall have whato ever he says... Mark,11;23

     Oh if only we would believe in the power of our mighty King who gives liberally to all who call upon His name !

Faith Breakthrough

      I can't tell you how many times the Lords peace has rescued me in difficult times, only that each and every time I saught His presence,  I received it...

     "Look up," says the quiet voice from within... look up and be still.  No matter how stressed I am nor how much pain I feel, if I look up to God, His peace comes... He has never failed me.

     His grace is ever present and available to me, in every moment, every heartbeat.

Take Heart


     There's a lot going on in our world right now... In our nations, our towns and cities... In our families, relationships, our marriages, with health concerns, financial tensions, losses and fears of loss loom large...

      No matter what the world takes from you, your job, home, financial security,  your marriage,  family, friends, reputation,  health or any other thing we value.

The Enemy Hits Hard

      Today I write to you my dear brothers and sisters to ask for your prayers for myself...

     Two days ago I was praying on the phone for a woman in great need... As I began to pray my feet went out from beneath my body as I fell down a flight of stairs injuring my back. As if I were pushed , yet no one was there ! 

     For those of you who have been with me on this journey you know that I live daily in great pain due to a spinal condition.   This incident/ trial has increased my pain exponentially 

Fractured Souls

Unknown Souls ...

There are untold millions of souls suffering right now... They are the walking wounded... They are the little ones hiding under the darkest of secrets... 

     These priceless children of Almighty God have suffered unimaginable agony, a torment so cruel , as to fragment and splinter the human 
soul and put to ruine the glory of human life as it was meant to be. 

     Who are these precious ones ?  They are the children who have survived the worst affliction that evil can thrust upon man.

Bring the Dawn

Its always darkest just before the dawn...

     When the darkness sets in and the night seems endless... when the waiting feels more like hopelessness and you begin to succumb to the terror... when your tears actually run dry...

     These are the moments that total reliance upon the Master is come to truth... Faith will falter, and you will fall...  You will also find the incorruptible love of God, if when you fall, you fall into His gracious hands...

     There will be times that you simply cannot muster the strength to get back on your feet.

Hidden Treasures

 I have discovered that there are innumerable rewards in being set apart for God... 

     I did not set out to challenge myself, but prayed for healing...

     I did not know that He intended to answer me with the deep healing of wounds I would have preferred to leave alone...

     (Pssst... Lord, I meant my back pain...) I would learn , in time, that its Always better to allow God to lead... He knows the best way... and its actually less painful .

I Bless Israel

Israel, oh Israel ! 
My firstborn...

Come My children, come !  Come to Me and I will give you rest.  See I have sent My servants to stand beside you in your day of trouble.  

    I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...  tho the enemy is come against thee to test thee, I will not relent on My promise to protect you !  I am making a hedge around you to defend you .  Look at My hands that were pierced for your transgression, to give you a hope and an eternal inheiritance .


For all of Christendom ;

For the love of Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ;

     For my Beloved Jesus Christ, only son of the Father, who for the love of His children, came down from heaven, suffered for our sins, died and was burried... was risen to life everlasting and enthroned in heaven seated at His Majesties right side.  For all of time, for each and every child upon the earth, to claim redemption and life eternal ;

      and in particular for all my faithful   brothers and sisters of the Catholic faith whom I love as my own soul .


     I have a new idea for the Homeless in Connecticut 

"The House of Compassion "
 For the unknown souls in need 

I have met some very wonderful people recently. They happen to be sleeping outside, in their cars or 3 to a bed in motels.

One beautiful lady is raising 3 lovely children not her own. She fed me and my son from what little they had.  

A disabled woman doing her best to provide for 2 hungry growing boys after loosing her job . And a young mother with the most beautiful baby suffering from birth defects struggling to find help alone.


                             Always Available 

There is only ONE that can be our Ever                                           Present help...

     What to do when you don't know what to do... and it just so happens to be the impossible! 

     In need of a miracle ? 

      Place your trust in the Lord your God and not in man, this is wisdom.

Be The Light

     Are you struggling with something difficult today ? 


     I have found that throughout my life whenever I am seriously overcome by my own needs or the lack of my own ability to solve them, one thing has continually helped me ...

     It is rather simple though at the time may seem an insurmountable task... 

    The specific difficulty I am currently weighed down by is not important...  what is imperative is that I think of someone other than myself, and the quicker the better.

A Light In The Dark


It only takes a little light to begin to disperse the darkness...


     If you have ever felt closed in by the dark... surrounded by negativity...  crushed by the shear heaviness of your burden ... or entirely enshrouded by the fear of it...

     Remember one thing, with the striking of one small match, the darkness is immediately dispersed ...  and you can begin to find your way again.  

     Hope... This is the match with which we can break through the darkness.


The transformation of a soul 
through hope...

The purpose of hope...

Hope is the starting place of new and wonderful developments, prior to their manifestation upon the earth.

For if I did not hope, I would not have have learned and begun those first shaky steps of faith...

 I would not have dreamed the dream that now comes to birth within my heart, within the world around me...

First in the heart, a small ember...
then in the mind, a dawn of creative processes... and the ember ignites into a small flame.

Identify the Enemy Within


Oh Lord defend and protect me !

To appropriately defend oneself we must first identify the enemy or enemies from within.

Emotions are critical components to deciphering the true identity of the one we desire to conquer.  They often lead the way to the truth though in and of themselves are merely a symptom.

There is one thing I need to stress; 
My own journey of discovery, healing and recovery of lost blessings did not even begin until I had come to the throne of God through His only Son Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit to whom I give all praise and glory.

Prayer = Love in Action


     TO   LOVE

Love is a verb.  It's an in action, an ongoing, in motion kind of word...

It is something we "do" in a variety of ways.  Love is tenderness in motion.  Through our softly spoken words, our prayers, the very intention of our hearts, we tenderly soothe the aches deep within the souls of each other.  It is this energy that passes between two people as they touch with mutual adoration.

Self Condemnation

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your might...

When Christ shed His blood on the cross, it was for anyone who believes,  to be forgiven all his sins.

Not for a select few, nor for only certain trespasses ...  All who believe in the precious name of Jesus Christ are set free and gain entry to life eternal with God in heaven.  

That's it, so simple and yet so difficult for us to grasp. It is we who cannot forgive our offenders and ourselves our grievous sins.


Hold on... tight !

Right now in the spirit realm there is a war being fought over the souls of man.

The mighty army of God's holy angels are battling with the saints, in heaven above and with us, believers upon the earth, for your soul and mine. 

 I have seen with my own eyes in the spirit the gallantry of their strength, the might and power with which they are doing battle on our behalf.  I have witnessed the demons methods of evil with which they sever the souls of men from their Fathers grace in heaven.



I pray for the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, to bring the peace that surpasses all understanding to His children of Paris today. May our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ come to His precious people, hold them in His tender embrace and cover them with grace and mercy as they grieve the unspeakable anguish of loss...

Rubble to Restoration

When you feel lost and empty...

Don't loose hope,
God is doing a work in you and He is faithful to  see it through to it's completion, using all things, good and bad for your benefit... 

Some seasons of life can feel as if nothing you do will turn out right. Loss and stress can overwhelm you easily. 

So how do we combat this ?

Oh Lord my God
 hear my cry, draw near to me and have mercy upon me...

All that I once had has gone by, my joy withers within my heart, my bones are dry and brittle.

Held By Glory

When I think
 of You my Beloved ;

My heart melts within me for the great love that floods my soul...

I cling to Your robe and bury my face in Your tender I am lifted like a child into Your arms, so close to the heart of hearts...

My tears You wipe with the softest touch, soothing the ache of my heart...

Oh how I love the gentleness of Your voice, calling me ever deeper to places I have never dreamed...

We soar through the night sky and beneath into the depths of the sea, breathing water as air.

Point of Love

When you are in the midst of something too heavy for you... 

heart and faith alike can tremble under the weight...

Find your "point of love",
something you love no matter whats 
going down in your life... 
no matter the size of the storm...
the depth of the pain...
there is always something to hold on to that will help you to come back to love and faith...

The Lord will bring you things
 to help you come back to peace, to 

Look Up

A Little sunshine goes a long way...

Being grateful for small things... leads to bigger things... 

even to a more fulfilling life...  Here's a prayer to get you started in case your having a hard time finding the good in your life...

 Just look up, I did... and I took this lovely picture of the sunshine while my heart was melting within me, ( not from the heat )  A beautiful day at the beach and I could not feel the joy of it,  or see any beauty in it.

Agony and Serenity

Ever  felt serenity ?
Just momentarily 

Absolute... Perfect... Peace ...

Those moments however, are what keep me going through the really hard times... that, and the hope of 
more to come...  
Oddly enough they came when 
I was in excruciating pain...

I know a little bit about pain, you see
I was born with Spina Bifida ... 
 a birth defect effecting the spinal cord.

  My case was mild and went undetected for 25+ years.


Softly...  Tenderly...  Very gently...

    He comes ...

Open your heart to 

It comes like a                                                           whisper... 

    His sweet touch of grace to my soul.
A feather like softness reaches for me.


Ever fought depression ? 
Nasty ugly evil demon ...
It will whisper the most awful things to your soul when you least expect it.
You know like before you can get yourself up and begin your day ... He is giving you a list a mile long of reasons your gonna fail at a whole bunch of things today, maybe all of them. So why try...
Set your sights a little lower... There's too much to do... Not enough to do it with... No one to help...  No one even notices your efforts , or .
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