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Unknown Soul Blog


Warnings in Visions

And He will give dreams and visions to young men and women concerning things to come ....

      Only two times in my life have I had such dreams/visions that both terrify and thrill me with the clarity of them...

     The last one was a clear view of the 911 attacks only six months before they struck...

     Last week I had a similar experience that I cannot deny has shook my world in ways I dare not think on too long...

     The Vision

      First I saw an object being created in the mind of a man.


     I have a new idea for the Homeless in Connecticut 

"The House of Compassion "
 For the unknown souls in need 

I have met some very wonderful people recently. They happen to be sleeping outside, in their cars or 3 to a bed in motels.

One beautiful lady is raising 3 lovely children not her own. She fed me and my son from what little they had.  

A disabled woman doing her best to provide for 2 hungry growing boys after loosing her job . And a young mother with the most beautiful baby suffering from birth defects struggling to find help alone.


Have you ever loved someone...

Really loved someone... 

     I mean enough to put yourself out there for them... 

     Like when your baby is seriously ill and you just can't stand to see them suffering.  

     Its times like these when you would prefer to take their pain, their burden, there ache upon yourself than to let them go on in their agony a moment longer...

     That's just a taste of how God felt for us when He chose to take up the cross with our name on it.


you have friends that you never knew you had...

     Right now we are praying for you, blessing you, coming alongside of you in faith.  As a nation, a people, an individual, we lift you up in support and ask the God of Abraham, of all creation to shine His light upon you. 

     My entire childhood I heard negative things about Israel,  and yet somewhere in the depths of my being I held a sense of longing for you that I did not understand ...


We are all called to Gods purposes for our lives...
Give glory to God the Father as His only begotten Son has taught us. 
Offer prayers of thanksgiving and songs of praise.  For our God is good and just !
With His mighty right arm He upholds the righteous and defends the oppressed.
Mercy and justice are His who are willing to live by the commands of the Father.
He is a father to the fatherless a husband to the widow.

For Israel

                        With great tenderness and affection my soul cries out to you oh Israel...


From across the sea does my song for you rise... for the God of all creation has shown me a glimmer of His brilliant love for thee...

So deep is His longing for His child !
For to the least of these His precious children He has come with a message of hope to share with His Beloved.

In the eye's of the world and its many affairs I am nothing.


Israel oh Israel! 
My child, My precious child.

Come close to Me, for I am drawing near to you.

I will draw you into the shelter of My strong embrace.  With My mighty right arm I will strengthen you and protect you.  I will gather you to Myself and shield you from the enemies of your soul.

I will comfort You when you mourn, for I have counted your tears...

  Bring your little ones into the house of the Lord your God.  Teach them My ways , write them upon their hearts . 
I will nurture My children and show them great mercy.

Mighty Defender

Lord, You are my Protection, my Peace, my Holy Defender...

Thank You for being ever watchful over my soul, my heart, my life.  You are my rock and my refuge.  For I will call upon the name of the Lord and He will be my help in my hour of need. He will hear my cry and answer me speedily.  I will look to the heavens, for my help comes from the Lord of my salvation.

You have delivered me from the mouth of the beast that had set his sites to devour me !

Again , I say to you, look to the Lord for your help !

Bless or Curse

Israel ...
and I the Lord thy God will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you...

Any questions ? Not for this writer. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was quite clear on this. There are only two choices there, you bless or you curse. And whatever you choose will be coming right back to your own front door.

With our words , our prayers, our actions, our money, our time, even our thoughts carry a weight of responsibility.
When we choose to positively effect another person or body of people, there is a re-action if you will.

Love Honor Serve

To love...
what does it mean to love ?

It can mean a variety of differing things to a great many.

For me, to love is an act of faith, something we do, not knowing weather it will be returned unto us, something that is given freely, abundantly, lavishly without reserve or demands of a return on our investment of time, energy of goods and or money.  

I describe it in this way because it is how the Lord Jesus and God The Father through the Holy Spirit have loved me.


Hold on... tight !

Right now in the spirit realm there is a war being fought over the souls of man.

The mighty army of God's holy angels are battling with the saints, in heaven above and with us, believers upon the earth, for your soul and mine. 

 I have seen with my own eyes in the spirit the gallantry of their strength, the might and power with which they are doing battle on our behalf.  I have witnessed the demons methods of evil with which they sever the souls of men from their Fathers grace in heaven.

Blessing The 12

     It is with great affection and gratitude that I write to my Lords Beloved twelve tribes of Israel.

For it is in You that all the nations of the earth shall be blessed...

Was it not to you oh Israel, that the testimony of the goodness of the Lord thy God was given for all the world to see ...

Was it not to you oh Israel, that the preservation of God's holy word and the stone tablets written by God's own hand were entrusted for all of time...

I will give praise and glory and honor to my God for all of these and much more, and I will bless His holy and chosen people, through whom we have been given the greatest of all gifts the world over.

Light in the Darkness

These are perilous times we are living in...

The natural world is birthing what had begun in the spirit realm, for this war is of good and evil... We are fighting a battle for souls, in our hearts, in our minds and in our bodies. But it began in the spirit, the ultimate war over the souls of the children of God. 

Do not be shaken nor let the enemy take hold of your heart,
for the Lord thy God has already defeated this enemy at the cross...

The Lord, in all His merciful ways has given you the strength to overcome.

Prayer Request

Dear Readers,
Please join me in an urgent prayer...

Recent developments in the world we live in have grieved my heart with an overwhelming desire to pray for the people of Israel,  that do not yet know the saving grace of our Beloved Savior, Jesus Christ. 

The prophecies of old seem to be coming true before our very eyes. One does not need to look far to see that evil is running rampant overseas.  Let us not become complacent in thinking that it will stay there.

Time is at Hand

He Comes...
the One for whom the whole earth awaits...
cries out for...

The anointed One... the Holy One... 
the Messiah... the Christ.

The time is at hand...

In fear and trembling will He be received by all those peoples who did not recognize and acknowledge Him ...

The earth will quake as never before  and they will mourn for Him as they would the loss of an only child, 
at the sight of Him who they pierced...
for the whole earth shall see and behold Him in all glory and power; 

Divine Intervention

I will prepare a table before you in the presence of your enemies...

When you come up against the enemy and calamity threatens;

Call upon the name of the Lord !

for it is then that He comes in, flanked by an army of holy angels to defend protect and yes even bless you in the midst of the trial.   No matter the trouble, no matter the source or scope , He comes...  Better than any superhero from childhood . 

 I saw a long banquet table set for a king, pilled high with every delicacy imaginable.


I call to you...

To the shepherd in the field, to the flocks in the hills, to My holy temple, to the priest and the scribe...  I call.

 My Holy Name will be praised by the lips of My people.  It will raise for you a standard by which you will increase.  I will produce for you a rich crop by which you shall be saved, by the mouth of My prophets you shall be directed...  
I shall give dreams to your young men, visions to your young maidens.

Battle Cry

In the dark of night,
while yet you slept...
A battle cry went out on your behalf!

  With a loud shout the Lord has dispatched  His mighty army of angels to fight a fearsome battle for your soul !

For the Lord is jealous for you...
that you, His child would be saved, protected and set free...

His mighty right arm outstretched toward you and sent forth His terrifying power to scatter the enemy threatening your soul !

Who can stand before the Lord ?

Peace and Safety

As a hen gathers  her  young under the protection of her wing ...

So shall I... even I, 
gather to My bosom, all those who have called upon My Holy name ...

From the fields that I love,
My lillies who overcome in faith ...

My fruit I  will gather, for the clusters are ripe !

The harvest is ready and so is the winepress...

make ready My children ...
for the Lamb of God comes for His bride ...

while yet, the oxen is prepared an offering..

Experience The Gift...

My Child,
I am here...
closer than you may think...

        I have always been here awaiting you ...

      Come, let us settle your troubled heart.  I will breathe My holy peace into your weary soul.  My grace will be a head covering for you.  Gently I will help you open your precious heart... tenderly I will sweep you up into My embrace and carry you a while.  

       I know this is  a difficult time for you.


My daughter,
My favor is upon you..
Hold out hope in Me...
I have not forsaken you...
I have seen your distress.  I know your plight.  I have sent My message of warning that you may be prepared , kept safe.  I know the enemy and how he operates. 
 Seek and you shall find... Knock and it shall be opened to you...
My servants of old have told you this time and again.  I have kept My promises spoken by My prophets in the past... I have not forgotten. 

Here is wisdom...
Now look to the east, through the valley between the hills.

Rosh HaShanah

For all of God's children ;

Rosh HaShanah

A year filled with blessings...

May the hand of Almighty God 
rest upon you... 
upon your family and 
all your household  members.

May you have success and prosper financially in all your endeavors.

May your hearts be filled with 
grace, peace and joy.

May your bodies be healed 
of every disease.

May your storehouses be filled 
to overflowing.

May you dwell in safety,
 in the shadow of 
the Almighty.

May the Light of the Lord 

For Israel

 Oh Israel
I am jealous for you.

Come and gather the children 
unto Me...  

I have come down from on high
that you may draw near to Me.
Here My voice My children
and heed My instruction.
There is a tempest coming.
I am come to devour the devourer.  
I will blow My hot breath of 
displeasure upon the winds and 
scatter the enemy of the north, confound him and release My 
wrath upon him who would  
deal a blow of filth and decay... 
black smoke billows , and the stench 


the Bridegrooms call
Israel, I raise My hand and stay the blow, for a time...
Do youtruly believewhat holy scripture says ?
Throughout history, since the days of Abraham,
our heavenly Father has repeatedly told us...
"Now the Lord spoke to Abram.


Star of David
 oh Israel...

When I first called you to My tabernacle of meeting... From My holy maintain I did descend.  My face I hid from you, but lo, My Holy Presence abode with you.  My glory sprang forth and shone upon you.  My hand rested upon you in favor and protection.  High above all the nations of the earth,did I lift you as I called you My own, My Chosen people, My precious jewel.  I went before you, hedged you in on every side, defended you against your enemies.


Star of David
( the Lord my Great Lord )

     My child Israel,
I have brought you forth, born you out of My great love ... I cherish you like a devoted
Father's firstborn.  A priceless treasure.  A precious jewel. I have crowned you with My Glory that My world would bear witness to the mighty works of My Hand.  

      The power of My Hand rests upon your brow in the blessing of My chosen people...

      I, even I the Lord your God, have heard your cries .


Star of David
TheUnknownSoul.netAs a newborn babe is gingerly placed for the first time, in the arms of her father ...  Nesteled snugly,  surrounded by  the comfort of his very essence ... His heart is enraptured with the glory of his new love ... He absolutely adores her ... cherishes everything about her ... His mind is reeling with beautiful things ... lovely things ... as marvelous plans begin to unfurl,  for his precious child ... This most priceless treasure.

Gently he rocks her ...  soothingly he whispers sweetness by her tiny ear .
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