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Unknown Soul Blog


Faith Breakthrough

      I can't tell you how many times the Lords peace has rescued me in difficult times, only that each and every time I saught His presence,  I received it...

     "Look up," says the quiet voice from within... look up and be still.  No matter how stressed I am nor how much pain I feel, if I look up to God, His peace comes... He has never failed me.

     His grace is ever present and available to me, in every moment, every heartbeat.

Take Heart


     There's a lot going on in our world right now... In our nations, our towns and cities... In our families, relationships, our marriages, with health concerns, financial tensions, losses and fears of loss loom large...

      No matter what the world takes from you, your job, home, financial security,  your marriage,  family, friends, reputation,  health or any other thing we value.

Bring the Dawn

Its always darkest just before the dawn...

     When the darkness sets in and the night seems endless... when the waiting feels more like hopelessness and you begin to succumb to the terror... when your tears actually run dry...

     These are the moments that total reliance upon the Master is come to truth... Faith will falter, and you will fall...  You will also find the incorruptible love of God, if when you fall, you fall into His gracious hands...

     There will be times that you simply cannot muster the strength to get back on your feet.

Childlike Trust

    Even during extremely trying times it is still possible to find joy. 

      Actually the Son shines brightest in the darkest of times...

     See this handsome little man, he has a way of allowing the Light of God to shine right through him especially at the point when I'm about to fall apart ... and he has no problem whatsoever reminding me of all the faith I spent years equipping him with,  just when I need it the most ;) 

     Children have an inherent ability to trust .

Hidden Treasures

 I have discovered that there are innumerable rewards in being set apart for God... 

     I did not set out to challenge myself, but prayed for healing...

     I did not know that He intended to answer me with the deep healing of wounds I would have preferred to leave alone...

     (Pssst... Lord, I meant my back pain...) I would learn , in time, that its Always better to allow God to lead... He knows the best way... and its actually less painful .

I Bless Israel

Israel, oh Israel ! 
My firstborn...

Come My children, come !  Come to Me and I will give you rest.  See I have sent My servants to stand beside you in your day of trouble.  

    I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...  tho the enemy is come against thee to test thee, I will not relent on My promise to protect you !  I am making a hedge around you to defend you .  Look at My hands that were pierced for your transgression, to give you a hope and an eternal inheiritance .

Chain Breaking Faith

Worship and Praise... your lead-in to chain breaking faith...

     Do you know what worship and praise in the face of lifes trials does ?  

     It literally takes the chains off that hold back your blessings !  

     Oh that My children would lift their eyes in faith...  

     Jesus said that we are children of God and as such we have the RIGHT the to call light out of darkness...  to call blessings out of His treasury in heaven.


     I have a new idea for the Homeless in Connecticut 

"The House of Compassion "
 For the unknown souls in need 

I have met some very wonderful people recently. They happen to be sleeping outside, in their cars or 3 to a bed in motels.

One beautiful lady is raising 3 lovely children not her own. She fed me and my son from what little they had.  

A disabled woman doing her best to provide for 2 hungry growing boys after loosing her job . And a young mother with the most beautiful baby suffering from birth defects struggling to find help alone.


I am the Lords and the Lord is mine... Period. 

Of my Beloved I will not be ashamed for He will hear my prayer and answer it speedily...

    God is not one for the enemy to contend with, for victory is Always in the mighty hands of the Lord God !  

    Shall I shake in fear from an enemy that my Father has already defeated ? For what can he do to me that the God of all creation cannot undue and bless me with overflowing abundance besides ?

    I tell you today, do not fear when the storm comes, only stand on the "Rock" in unwavering faith.


                             Always Available 

There is only ONE that can be our Ever                                           Present help...

     What to do when you don't know what to do... and it just so happens to be the impossible! 

     In need of a miracle ? 

      Place your trust in the Lord your God and not in man, this is wisdom.

Embraced By Light

My hope is in You Lord Jesus...
in You I am powerful...
not by my strength but by Yours...

    For in You my weakness has become my strength ... in You I am a conqueror no longer oppressed... 

     In You my path is made straight... I am not aimlessly tossed amongst the waves... hopelessly dashed against the rocks... 

     In You I am more than mere mortal held by the density of this physical world... for in You Lord I am one in spirit, one in being with the most powerful force in the universe, the one and only creator of time, of space, of life itself.

Be The Light

     Are you struggling with something difficult today ? 


     I have found that throughout my life whenever I am seriously overcome by my own needs or the lack of my own ability to solve them, one thing has continually helped me ...

     It is rather simple though at the time may seem an insurmountable task... 

    The specific difficulty I am currently weighed down by is not important...  what is imperative is that I think of someone other than myself, and the quicker the better.

A Light In The Dark


It only takes a little light to begin to disperse the darkness...


     If you have ever felt closed in by the dark... surrounded by negativity...  crushed by the shear heaviness of your burden ... or entirely enshrouded by the fear of it...

     Remember one thing, with the striking of one small match, the darkness is immediately dispersed ...  and you can begin to find your way again.  

     Hope... This is the match with which we can break through the darkness.


We are all called to Gods purposes for our lives...
Give glory to God the Father as His only begotten Son has taught us. 
Offer prayers of thanksgiving and songs of praise.  For our God is good and just !
With His mighty right arm He upholds the righteous and defends the oppressed.
Mercy and justice are His who are willing to live by the commands of the Father.
He is a father to the fatherless a husband to the widow.

Let God Cook

Give God the time to season you to perfection...

Stay in peace... Trust in the providential hand of God... 
He's got you, and that problem your struggling to maneuver your way through  ...

 He IS working all things out for the best possible outcome on your behalf.  Give Him time to prepare you... for the extraordinary life He has designed ...


Some dishes are best cooked in a crock pot.  They need time to simmer, many hours in fact, so all the ingredients and flavors can blend beautifully together accentuating each other, in order to be fully "ready" and most delicious.

Mighty Defender

Lord, You are my Protection, my Peace, my Holy Defender...

Thank You for being ever watchful over my soul, my heart, my life.  You are my rock and my refuge.  For I will call upon the name of the Lord and He will be my help in my hour of need. He will hear my cry and answer me speedily.  I will look to the heavens, for my help comes from the Lord of my salvation.

You have delivered me from the mouth of the beast that had set his sites to devour me !

Again , I say to you, look to the Lord for your help !


Hold on... tight !

Right now in the spirit realm there is a war being fought over the souls of man.

The mighty army of God's holy angels are battling with the saints, in heaven above and with us, believers upon the earth, for your soul and mine. 

 I have seen with my own eyes in the spirit the gallantry of their strength, the might and power with which they are doing battle on our behalf.  I have witnessed the demons methods of evil with which they sever the souls of men from their Fathers grace in heaven.

Trusting the Process

Changes come, new things are born into our lives all the time...

Sometimes we are acutely aware of them and pained.

Other changes come silently and stealthily, and before we know it we are walking into new territory that we never even imagined ourselves in. Whatever the course of your life the message is always the same; Fear Not !  

We have an awesome God who knows our hearts better than we ourselves do. 
If we place our trust in Him instead of our own limited knowledge of life we both honor God and we are rewarded with blessings we never knew we wanted.


As the storms of life rage, and they do... commit all things great and small unto the hands of your Beloved Savior...

For it is here that we are purified, the storms are stilled, grace flows like a waterfall from heaven, and we are blessed beyond anything we could even ask !  For He loves us so much more than we comprehend... His ways are higher than ours, hence the need to trust in His divine will on our behalf.  

But this trust thing... its the best thing for us... it is in the trusting that we find our greatest blessings.

Light in the Darkness

These are perilous times we are living in...

The natural world is birthing what had begun in the spirit realm, for this war is of good and evil... We are fighting a battle for souls, in our hearts, in our minds and in our bodies. But it began in the spirit, the ultimate war over the souls of the children of God. 

Do not be shaken nor let the enemy take hold of your heart,
for the Lord thy God has already defeated this enemy at the cross...

The Lord, in all His merciful ways has given you the strength to overcome.

Rubble to Restoration

When you feel lost and empty...

Don't loose hope,
God is doing a work in you and He is faithful to  see it through to it's completion, using all things, good and bad for your benefit... 

Some seasons of life can feel as if nothing you do will turn out right. Loss and stress can overwhelm you easily. 

So how do we combat this ?

Oh Lord my God
 hear my cry, draw near to me and have mercy upon me...

All that I once had has gone by, my joy withers within my heart, my bones are dry and brittle.


The Light at the end of the tunnel...

the joy that comes in the morning...

the awaited heaven sent relief... 

When you have prayed your little heart out, poured yourself out like water before the alter of the Lord for three days and nights... 

When the trial threatens to overtake you, but you raised your shaky hands to the only One who could rescue you... 
You stood on wobbly legs and walked that extra mile... you cried until there were no more tears.

Speak Faith

Speak The Uncompromising Truth;
of Faith...

Jesus loves me...
He is Always with me...
He will go before me,
fight my every battle...
He will never leave me...

I will Not Fear ! 

Troubled waters will not overtake me...
There is Nothing to big for my God !

Jesus You are my healer, my rock and my refuge. I will run to You, lean into Your embrace,,  for all that I need, because You are faithful to deliver me.

Agony and Serenity

Ever  felt serenity ?
Just momentarily 

Absolute... Perfect... Peace ...

Those moments however, are what keep me going through the really hard times... that, and the hope of 
more to come...  
Oddly enough they came when 
I was in excruciating pain...

I know a little bit about pain, you see
I was born with Spina Bifida ... 
 a birth defect effecting the spinal cord.

  My case was mild and went undetected for 25+ years.

In The Fire

Tried in the fiery furnace... like silver ...

I know ... Your in the trenches ... 
struggling  just to get through another day ...

and the heat in the furnace just increased ... 


burning away the impurities of your soul ...

Its painful ... overwhelming ... 

some days are just more than you can take ...

Close your eyes ... put your head down ...
take one slow breathe ... 

exhale slowly ...

Lay your head, your heart, your battle ... Right in the palm
of His big strong hands .


Whatever struggle, or troubles you are facing today ...  
      You can have Hope !  You have a mighty and powerful God who hears your prayer !

When we end our prayer with ... 
Not my will be done , but Yours Lord ...
We allow Gods gracious hand of mercy to move in unexpected ways ...
Always in our best interest ..  Always for our greatest good ...

We live in a world of both good and evil ...
Bad things do happen to good people ... awful things ...  tragic things .

Cast Your Cares

     Something weighing heavy on your mind today ?  Need a solution ?  I don't pretend to have the answer for you, but I know who does...  

     You may be struggling with something truly difficult right now.  Whether its that businesses deal that could make or break your company, or coming up with enough money to feed your kids...  No matter the size of the problem or what your station in life may be, the answer is the same...

        Cast your cares upon Him.

Defining Courage

  • Defining Courage...   

        It seems to me that this is on ongoing exercise, at least for me... When Jesus is standing in front of me with His hand outstretched , on the water mind you, I know its going to be hard.  Maybe really hard... The thing is, no matter how  difficult the challenge nor how much I fight it , its going to work out in my own best interest in the end.  Funny, how I can't seem to remember that when He first reaches for my hand.
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